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Riff of the day: Awkward Return Edition
By NisiOptimum | 20th May, 2013 | 9:28 am | Riff of the Day

Riff of the Day
Arthur Kavanaugh was born in 1831 without arms or legs. Deciding not to let a little thing like that stop him he learned to ride using a special saddle and "also also fished, shot, drew and wrote, various mechanical contrivances being devised to supplement his limited physical capacities." As a teenager he scandalized his family by having multiple affairs with local girls causing his disapproving mother to send him abroad, where he would be free of such temptation. Six months later he was living in a Turkish Harem.

When his mother discovered this she cancelled his credit so he simply got a job as a dispatch rider for the East India Trading Company- basically India's equivalent of the pony express. Again this is a man without limbs. When he returned to Britain he was immediately elected an MP because, come on, would any of you not vote for this guy?

His Mustache alone should warrant a cabinet position ... h_Kavanagh

Tags: Amputee, Short, History 11

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