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The Turble Show # 5: Comments on Comments
By Bert | 12th June, 2015 | 4:32 pm | The Turble Show

The Turble Show

Well, we're back. This episode was recorded on February 8th, 2015 but ran into a few snags getting here. Primarily our previous editor, Nudge, is no longer with us. Of course I didn't know that until after we recorded, so he is mentioned in the podcast. After my semester finished I had the time to learn audio editing and put this together.

In this episode Kate, JT, Nisi, and I discuss Cracked comments sections closing (note the date we recorded) and stories from history that tell the darker side of famous companies.

After the podcast is a clip from our pre-show discussion. This image will become relevant then:

Spoiler: show

The intro music is Okean by Umreti Fit, used under a Creative Commons licence.

Tags: history, comments, podcast 17

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