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4 Odd Minor Characters Whose Quirks Go Unaddressed
By Deathclaw_Puncher | 8th May, 2015 | 2:33 pm | ETBJ's Incoherent Ramblings

ETBJ's Incoherent Ramblings
Due to the Law of Conservation of Detail, a minor character may sometimes not be fleshed out. Other times, the character may be too focused on being played for laughs or too stock to address something about them that should at least be mentioned within the constraints of the story. So without further ado, here are 4 minor characters who need some serious explanation.

4. The chikan from Ore Monogatari was an incel

Ore Monogatari (otherwise known as My Love Story in the States) is a charming shoujo manga series and ongoing anime about a romance between Rinko Yamato, your average flowery shoujo manga heroine, and Takeo Gouda, a misunderstood gorilla-ish gentle giant.


Pictured: the new face of shoujo.

Anyway, the two meet when Gouda saves Yamato from a chikan (a molester that hangs around in crowded trains). When apprehended, the guy goes on a tirade about how Yamato was asking for it because she was wearing her school uniform at the time. Apparently, this asshole is so sex-starved that he thinks a girl consents to being sexually assaulted simply by bothering to have an education. He might as well change his name to "My Penis" because his life has pretty much taken a backseat to his erection at that point. He's essentially one incest request away from being the Japanese version of a certain someone I will link to but not mention.


Seriously, don't mention him; he's the Candyman of the internet.

He ends up being let go because Gouda punches him, but given how he pretty much admits to molesting an underage girl (because "school uniforms lol"), he should at least have been shown being dragged away.

3. Travis Van Winkle spites a man for looking for his missing sister

Friday the 13th (2009) was a half-assed remake of Friday The 13th parts 2 & 3, courtesy of Michael Bay's dedicated horror-ruining production company Platinum Dunes. It's also the movie that jump-started Aaron Yoo's Career.


He was basically the go-to crazy Asian friend for every late 2000s-early 2010s teen movie.

The movie basically follows Clay (played by Jared Padalecki), a hipstery biker looking for his sister after she was kidnapped by Jason Voorhees six weeks earlier. While at a gas station, he runs into Trent, an obnoxious New Jersey yuppie who's on a trip to the cliched family cabin in the woods with his friends, played by Travis Van Winkle. Trip gets annoyed with the fact that Clay is bothering to ask if he can put up a missing poster, and spend the remaining 20 or so hours of his life hating him with every fiber of his being.


"I will hysterically lash out at you for the short remainder of my life because you bothered to make me wait thirty seconds to buy condoms! O'Doyle rules!"

So basically, this guy is putting in the extra effort to hate a guy for having the nerve for being in line before him, and yet nobody calls him out on his reasoning.

2. A rather awkward first date encounter
Jill Soloway's Amazon original series Transparent is a quirky little show that plays like a 6140 Productions film. The show follows Maura Pfefferman, played by Jeffrey Tambor, a retired professor of political science who comes out to her family as transgender at the age of 68.


Also, there's lesbians.

Anyway, there's a very awkward and out of place scene in episode 7 where Maura's daughter, Ali (Gabby Hoffmann) begins a relationship with Dale, the transman TA of her gender studies class (Ian Harvie). On their first date, Dale invites Ali over to his house, and proceeds to order her to drop her panties, let him shave her pubes, call him "daddy", and just sort of stand there while he stares at her crotch, beer in hand, for an hour or so.


With this expression on his face.

Now, if this scene was played out further along in their relationship, it'd still be a little awkward, but hey, to each their own. But again, this was their FIRST DATE. Ladies, let me ask you something: if you just started going out with someone who you have previously known for only a handful of hours, and the guy pretty much demanded to do nothing but stare at your crotch and get drunk while you just stand there awkwardly, would you be seeing him again? Probably not, right? The scene just happens, and nothing about it is brought up again. Ali is obviously uncomfortable with the whole thing, but she doesn't chew him out or anything. It's all just one big lipped alligator moment.

1. Kenji Setou..... Just........ Kenji Setou

Katawa Shoujo is a 2012 OELVN and eroge where you romance and sleep with various girls with disabilities that's surprisingly well written, despite being predominantly made by channers. Contrary to what you may assume from the previous sentence, the love interests are portrayed like every other VN love interest and their respective disabilities aren't fetishized at all. The story follows Hisao Nakai, an 18-year-old high schooler from Sendai who transfers to Yamaku Academy, a special private school for disabled students, after collapsing from a heart attack caused by arrhythmia in the middle of a love confession.

Though the obvious culprit is this soundtrack that keeps following him around.

As he goes about encountering classmates with potential routes based on the choices you make, he runs into his dorm-mate, Kenji Setou, a legally blind misogynistic Harry Potter look-alike who rambles on about feminist conspiracies and how women are plotting to castrate him. What caused him to spout off this insane dumbfuckery? Well, he is hinted to have been in a relationship with Yuuko, the school librarian. One night, while they were having sex, he fell asleep on top of her. This caused him to snap at her, accuse her of draining his energy, swear off women forever, and hole up in his room. He obviously has some mental disorder, but the possibility is never brought up and he's just treated as a source of comic relief. We're pretty much just left to assume he was driven insane by a rather unsuccessful bout of snu-snu, essentially embodying this trope.


Moral of the story: never trust a Muggle in a Harry Potter scarf, for they are delusionally proud and very stupid.

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