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Letter From The Redheaditor
By Kate | 22nd March, 2015 | 12:17 am

Hello my friends! This week instead of having a fantastic article written by one of you talented writers, you're stuck with a letter from your resident redheaded slacker. Bear(bare?) with me for a moment, this is actually going to be fun!

I promise.

If you're reading this, hopefully it means that you regularly enjoy reading the articles that we publish here at TCS. Our articles are one of the best features we have to offer, and they rely entirely on the creative talents of readers like you...and also on the editing staff. In the very near future, we are planning to add a small and discreet editorial byline to articles, so you can see exactly who helped.

Right now, a lot of our staff is on hiatus. Most of the time it's just Marcuse working away back here, and he does so very happily. It does mean, however, that sometimes the process comes down to the wire and something gets published just in the nick(?)(yep) of time.

Our editing staff works directly with our writers, because we feel that your work is important and you should be 100% satisfied with the final product before we go to publish. That means if we don't have approval on time, we need to go down to the next article. This process would be a little bit easier if we had more people on the editorial staff! Many hands make light work, and all of that. If you are at all interested in getting involved with publishing articles, either on writing them or editing them, we welcome your talents! This post here tells you a (very) little bit about the editorial process. If you'd like to join the editing team, please send a PM to Marcuse. He's exceptionally talented, very fair, and very easy to work with (I know because I work with him regularly).

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and we can't wait to put out more articles for you to enjoy!

- Kate

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