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Riff of the day: The Difficult Mid-Life Career Swap Edition
By NisiOptimum | 8th May, 2013 | 7:33 am | Riff of the Day

Riff of the Day
Nguyen Cao Ky Goes From Running Vietnam To Running A Liquor Store (Into The Ground)

Between 1965 and 1967 Nguyen Cao Ky ruled South Vietnam with an iron fist. At the height of the Vietnam war the notoriously brutal and erratic Ky lead one of the largest armed forces in the world and had the power of life and death over millions of people. Then he moved to California and opened a small liquor store. Which went bankrupt.

See after the fall of Saigon there wasn't much demand for a crazy ex-dictator (it's a very competitive field) so Ky had to do something to pay the bills. I'm not sure which is worse- the fact that if you lived in Orange County in the 70s you were probably buying your Goldschlager and Special Brew from a war criminal or the fact that the guy trusted to hold the front line against communism couldn't even make a living selling booze in California.

Tags: Short, Liquor, History, Vietnam 2

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