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By Matthew Notch | 8th May, 2013 | 2:36 am | Things that Occurred to Me Just This Week

Things that Occurred to Me Just This Week

*There are a great many pop songs that you might hear and then think to yourself, "Well... okay, but why THAT song?" Well I can explain a couple of these. "Zoot Suit Riot" by Cherry Poppin' Daddies got popular because it was by a band that's freaking called "Cherry Poppin' Daddies". "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones didn't hit it big because she's sultry as a fox in the desert with a torch on its tail, I mean not entirely. It might have something to do with the line, "I don't know why I didn't come." Something... And most recently, this song...

hit big because, twice in the song, they sing the line, "You're my sweet HO". You can tell me those songs were all amazing tracks and very sweet or whatever, but I know the truth. And now so do you.

*Speaking of songs that have that ONE line in them, have you guys ever noticed that the theme to Zoobilee Zoo has the line, "Come on with us now, and explore the wonder of you."? Just waiting a second for that to sink in... and... POW right in the childhood!


"I said... what are you wearing?"

Also be careful if you Google search any of the female roles in that show... holy moly furries, did we REALLY have to go there?

*On the "Pics Or You Didn't Happen" thread, I posted the following picture:


Then bayonet made this post:


Too many white people... time for a change of scenery!!! :)[/quote]

To which I replied:

What am I?! Chopped carp?[/quote]

To which he replied:

Too many white people... time for a change of scenery!!! :)[/quote]

What am I?! Chopped carp?[/quote]

You can't be taken seriously yet Carp..... first you have to evolve into Gyarados..[/quote]


Either bayonet still thinks I'm a white guy... or HarpingCarp. Can't decide. But the truth is... well, I am HarpingCarp. This guy:

is just somebody I quickly mocked up with my awesome rendering skillz. I know it'll take some getting used to, but we'll all adjust and move on and the world will keep on a-turnin.

*By the way, have you guys ever noticed that the censored version of DMX's classic joint, "Party Up (Up in Here)", sounds like a really really angry cartoon?

Seriously, play that and tab out and just listen. I almost don't even want to know what the hell he's actually talking about, I just like the funny sound effects.

*The wife and I just saw Serenity on the big screen, and I JUST realized this. When they get back to the ship after that initial heist, River says, "I swallowed a bug." Then like ten seconds later this guy happens.

There are always gonna be little things like that you'll miss until you go back and watch a show, but I still can't believe I hadn't put two and two together until just then. Wowsers.

But yeah, Norah Jones is a fox.


Tags: Zoobilee Zoo, Pop culture, TCS 11

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