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The Turble Show # 3: A Turble CAHtastrophe
By Bert | 9th June, 2014 | 11:57 pm | The Turble Show

The Turble Show

We're back!

So first off, let me apologize for our long hiatus. The short version is JugularNotch (who created, produced, hosted, and edited the podcast) got a real job and can no longer do it. I took it over and we floundered on from there.

First, Notch had to finish with "The Raven" read by TCS members which was done way back in the Fall, during what little free time he had.

Second, I had to actually produce a podcast. This is not as easy as Notch makes it look. We had a few shows fall through from lack of availability and a couple more were lost to technical problems. It is really important that future participants test out their recording setup beforehand. Headphones are a necessity to prevent the microphone from picking up everyone else talking through the speakers.

Finally, it turns out I'm pretty terrible at sound editing. Luckily, not everyone here is. Nudge is now the editor for this and all future episodes.

The unique content of this podcast was partly due to those complications. Only three people were available for what would have been the discussion, with me the only original member of the show. Sunny had the brilliant idea to play Cards Against Humanity instead. We invited people on IRC at the time to take part.

For those unfamiliar with Cards Against Humanity:
Spoiler: show
A black card is dealt with a phrase and one or more blanks. Players anonymously submit white cards from their hand which fill in the blanks. When all players have submitted their cards or time expires, the cards are revealed. The Card Czar, who doesn't play and rotates every round, picks whichever white card(s) make the funniest answer. The winner is revealed and gets a point. For this game the first to eight points won. The cards are intended to bring out the kind of dark humor we know and love around here. And boy did we.

Table of Contents:

Intro by Bert

1:14 The Raven by DamianaRaven, BobtheZombie, Scary Mike, Strant, CmdrVimes, Bert, DangerChocomog,JugularNotch, GlassJawGirl, ButtChocolate; Produced and Edited by JugularNotch

9:09 Cards Against Humanity by Sunglasses, Andropov4 and Bert; also including NudgeNudge, Dinovader, and Gash

60:27 The Second Punic War by Typical Michael

68:04 and 71:46 Extra Segments by Sunglasses, Andropov4, and Bert

Outro by Bert

Additional Credits:

Edited (with special thanks) by NudgeNudge

Produced by Bert

Tags: Cards Against Humanity, poetry 20

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